t-sa is an architectural atelier focused on producing work of enduring tactile quality. Its methodology deeply engages with each character of the specific context and materiality of each project. Context meaning the existing built fabric, its details, city, landscape as well as the stories and the narratives of the client and the inhabitants. Social, cultural, economical and political aspects of the background context also play important roles regardless of the scale of the project. t-sa believes in working with what already exists on site in the most economical means, delivering enriched and renewed built-life to each project. The notion of renewal is researched and investigated within the practice and through teaching at t-sa forum, our own independently run research school. Through materials and each specific context, t-sa has an interest in emotional qualities in the textures and tactility as well as connecting to the past and the future for each project environment.
From refurbishment of small spaces to new build projects, t-sa seeks for the core essence of each architectural challenge for our clients and aims to create timeless architecture with clarity and sensitive subtleties. It is helping to construct the future heritage of our built environment and landscapes.

t-sa was set up in 1996, founded by Yuli Toh and Takero Shimazaki. Formerly known as Toh Shimazaki Architecture, it works as a team discipline, often collaborating with designers, researchers and photographers on projects.

The Team and Collaborators

Takero Shimazaki — Director

Takero graduated from the University of Wales, Cardiff (BSc) and The Bartlett School of Architecture, London. He has worked for the practices of Itsuko Hasegawa Atelier, Richard Rogers Partnership and Alison and Peter Smithson. He co-founded t-sa with Yuli Toh. He has taught at the Architectural Association (2010-2015) and teaches Diploma Unit 8 at The CASS, London Metropolitan University.





Jennifer Frewen — Associate

Jennifer has graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology (BArch). She has previously worked for an architecture and masterplanning practice in Dublin and has been an integral part of t-sa since participating at t-sa forum workshops. She is involved with the direction and the delivery of the majority of t-sa’s ongoing projects with the Director. She is a leading designer of the team and the focal member of the development of the practice.


Craig Mitchell — Architect

Craig obtained his Diploma at Kingston University before qualifying at the RIBA. Prior to joining t-sa he worked in the Channel Islands and at a number of London practices, on a variety of small and large cultural and residential projects. Craig also engages in university tutoring and continues his role as guest critic. He is currently involved in the development and delivery of a number of t-sa’s housing projects.


Edward Pepper — Architect

Edward obtained his Diploma from Architectural Association having previously studied at Edinburgh College of Art. Prior to joining t-sa he worked in Scotland and Ireland on numerous housing projects. Edward is currently developing and leading a number of projects in the studio, focusing on delivering the atmospheric and tactile ambition of each.


Haruka Nogami — Architectural Assistant

Haruka graduated from Tokyo University of Science (BA Eng) and Tokyo Univerisity of the Arts (MSc Art). She has been a member of Kumiko Inui Laboratory while at Tokyo University of the Arts working on the GTS Sightseeing Art Project 2012 and the ‘ little spaces ‘ exhibition at TOTO Gallery. She is currently testing and driving numerous t-sa projects through in-depth material and spatial studies.


Paolo Emilio Pisano — Architectural Assistant

Paolo studied at Univeristà degli Studi di Cagliari and Architectural Association before joining t-sa.
He has been awarded a RIBA President’s Medal Commendation for his work at the AA and the first prize in the Zagreb Society of Architect’s competition Think Public Space.




Anton Gorlenko — Collaborative Photographer

After completing a Master Degree on the history of European neoclassical architecture at the Moscow State University, Anton has worked as an art critic for various magazines. In 2008 he launched the 1064 Goldsmiths Guild, creative agency working at the turn of book design, installations, films and jewellery. Since moving to London 2012 to study architecture at the Architectural Association, Anton is working as a freelance architectural designer and collaborates with the publishing programme of Strelka Institue.

Doll Knowles — Hospitality

Ian Parlane — Financial Director

Past team and collaborators

Yuli Toh


John Ahern, Tomoyo Arimoto, Louisa Barfoot, Jason Bechtle, Simon Davison, Emmanuel Dupont, Angie Foong, Jon Errazti De Miguel, Tom Gibson, David Giera, Tanya Goknel, Isabell Gonzaga, Egon Hansen, Emily Harland, Aki Hiraoka, Takehiko Iseki, Yeewan Iu, Risa Iwashita, James Kitson, Stefan Kogler, James Lloyd-Mostyn, Charlie Luxton, Kate Luxton, Anna Mansfield, Alasdair Mckenzie, Rosie McLaren, Carin Nakanishi, Antonio Otero, Colin Priest, Ben Rogers, Mami Sayo, Wee-Liam Seow, Meiri Shinohara, Sarah Smith,  Erika Suzuki, Kenji Suzuki, Take Suzuki, Kirsty Taylor, Anna Maria Trauttmansdorff, Franziska Wagner, Yu Hsiang Wang, Yoko Watanabe, Ceri Williams.


Valerie Bennett

Hélène Binet

Richard Brine

Anton Gorlenko

Katsuhisa Kida

Franck Robert

Edmund Sumner

Graphic Designer and Screen print artists

James McCarthy

Luma Studio – Lucie Murtagh and Mark Stonehouse

t-sa forum architecture school

t-sa is actively involved in education. t-sa forum, an independent school run by the practice was set up in 2006 and is now running annual workshops. t-sa forum aims to bridge the gap between academia and practice, teaching students to test creative working methods in professional environments. t-sa forum is a research wing to t-sa and has been investigating the idea of renewal in our built environment, focusing on ‘refurbishment’ as a theme in buildings in the UK. Takero Shimazaki taught at Architectural Association (2010-2015) and is currently an external examiner at Cardiff and Cambridge.